Shanakht Parade by Muhammad Younas Butt

Shanakht Parade by Dr. Muhammad Younas Butt. Shanakht Parade is funny book. Download Shanakht Parade Urdu book with Direct link.

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Mazah Gardi by Muhammad Younas Butt

Mazah Gardi by Dr. Muhammad Younas Butt. Muhammad Younas Butt is famous writer of funny books. Download Mazah Gardi with direct link.

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Khanda Zan by Muhammad Younis Butt

Khada Zan by Muhammad Younis Butt. Dr. Muhammad Younus butt is famous writer of Urdu language. Download Khada Zan funny book in pdf format. You can download Khanda Zan with Direct link.

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Butt Tameezian by Muhammad Younus Butt

Butt Tameezian (Tamizian) by Dr. Muhammad Younus Butt. Dr. Muhammad Younus Butt is Famous urdu writer. He wrote  funny books. Download Butt Tameezian funny book in pdf format with Direct link.

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Afra Tafreeh by Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt

Afra Tafreeh by Dr. Muhammad Younus Butt. Dr. M. Younus Butt is famous comedy books writer. Direct Download this funny books in pdf format.

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